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CD - Love Bites

Track list:

  1. Cry You a Waterfall
  2. Clayton's Romance
  3. Teeth
  4. Baby Blues
  5. Carrickfergus
  6. Children of the Underground
  7. Chocolate
  8. Soul Mate Sail Mate
  9. Growing Old
  10. Love's Revenge
  11. Burnum's Song
  12. The Proposal
  13. Summertime
  14. Strange Food
  15. Cat Wandering Blues


CD-Love Bites

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CD’s are $20 plus $4 postage. Direct deposit can be arranged and Glenys will forward CD to you.  
Or phone her on 07-32992643 or mobile 0428-329926.


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I first met Glenys Anderson at the inaugural Summersong Music Camp.  She performed “Teeth”   her first song which she had just written for all the assembled aspiring singers and songwriters, and none of us were ever the same.  Seven years down the track, it is thrilling to hold Glenys” “Love Bites” CD in my hand, and to finally have a definitive recording of “Teeth” in my possession.
Glenys’ music both her original songs and her covers are all about authenticity and honesty.  This is essential “folk” music.  It is music by and about a real woman who has led an extraordinary life and has no inhibitions about openly sharing its ups and downs.  It is heart warming, hilarious, sometimes confronting and always real.  It reminds us that compared to most of the twenty year olds writing songs, Glenys is light years ahead of their experience, insight, wisdom and ability to laugh at herself.
It was a wise decision to record this first album with the clarity and simplicity of voice and acoustic guitar.  Chris Jack masterfully accompanies each song in its appropriate style so that each song is distinctive.  On “Love Bites” we get a variety of blues numbers, jazz, swing, folk (with both political and apolitical songs) and Glenys’ very particular brand of outrageous and deeply original comic songs.
I contend that “Teeth” is THE funniest song ever written about a blind date.  “Loves Revenge” has some wicked solutions that are worth emulating for that truly annoying ex.  “Burnums Song” and “Children of the Underground” are moving expressions of contemporary Australian life, and “Strange Food” is amongst the bravest songs ever written.  “Claytons Romance” is classic Glenys comedy – it’s got more twists than an O’Henry story, as does “Baby Blues”.  “Growing Old” is an anthemic girl’s song that I’d love to hear with a soaring female choir, and “Soul Mate- Sail Mate “ plumbs the depths of lost love and death with Glenys” usual unflinching honesty.
This is an album that revels in the full spectrum of modern life.  It cries out for us to open our hearts and minds (and humourous bits), and live life without fear or sham e or fatalism.  Long live real music, by real people, about real life.  If LOVE BITES doesn’t encourage most listeners to write songs to express, reflect upon and enrich their lives, I don’t know what will.

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This debut album called “Love Bites” from award winning songwriter Glenys Anderson is a delight – a great blend of her trademark hilarious lyrics together with some very touching and “move you to tears” songs.  Of course this album had to include the famous “Teeth” song – the true and very funny story of her false teeth falling out at a singles dinner party.  This song made it to the Top Ten in Music Oz Awards in 2006 and has been getting air play on ABC radio.
I loved the sensitivity shown in “Children of the Underground” which highlights the sad story of a street girl called Sally.  Strong lyrics are also very evident in “Strange Food”, the story of a healing journey after abuse.  This song made it to the Top Five in Music Oz Awards 2006 and you can see why when you hear it.
Glenys’ album ensures you get your moneys worth with fifteen tracks - eleven of them her own original songs.
Her cover of Kristina Olsens’ “Cry You a Waterfall”, really showcases the lovely quality of Glenys’ voice as does her rendition of old favourites “Carrickfergus” and “Summertime”
She is very ably supported by the talented Chris Jack on guitar and a myriad of other instruments.  I loved his guitar work on “Cat Wandering Blues”  Steve Weir’s guitar on “Baby Blues” another up beat number, adds an interesting touch and Glenys’ lyrics are so funny.
For songs that bring a big belly laugh you can’t go past “Loves Revenge”.  If you ‘ve ever wondered what would happen if you split up and your partner wanted revenge, then listen to this one.  Apparently all these revenge situations were perpetrated by someone Glenys knows.  Nice friends you have Glenys!!!!  Another good laugh is “Claytons Romance” and “Growing Old.”
This album is a great blend of belly laughs, tears, ballads, up numbers, folk and blues – guarantee you will love it and you certainly won’t get bored listening to this one.